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Tips for Smashing #KICFIT

You may have heard that this June is our BIGGEST #KICFIT challenge ever! Thousands of women all around the world are pledging to move their bodies every day in June. How awesome is that?! So if you’re thinking of getting involved, here are some simple tips that will help you make it through the month like a champ.

Get Planning

Fail to plan, plan to fail! If you’re hoping to smash some goals this month, it’s a great idea to set aside regular planning time, not only at the start but weekly as you go on. Firstly, let’s make sure we clear some space in our schedules for each workout. Mark each day in your calendar and keep this free to hold yourself accountable. Next, make sure you take the time to get all the recipe ingredients you’ll need for healthy eating, as well as grab any additional workout gear you might need (a pair of dumb bells, a skipping rope and a kettle bell will get you through most KIC workouts).

Set Realistic Goals

We’ve shared a cute goals template on our Insta (check out our story highlights to get yours). It includes spots for your June goals, daily goals and what you need to do to make these happen. Why not screen shot yours and add in your goals for the month? Just make sure they’re realistic and achievable to avoid pushing yourself too hard and feeling disappointed if you don’t get there. Some goals we’ve seen KIC Girls share so far include awesome ideas like… walk 10,000 steps a day, drink more water, and meditate each day. Your goals could even include non-fitness related ideas like applying for your dream job or finishing a big uni project!

Find Balance

A common misconception about our #KICFIT challenge is that we’re asking you to smash a massive workout every day. But that’s just not what we’re about! Instead we want to set you up with a routine that is enjoyable and achievable so that you can make healthy habits that stick for life! So some days, you may just want to take a short walk on your lunch break or do a gentle yoga session before bed. It’s a good thing to allow your body (and mind) to rest. It will leave you refreshed and ready to give the next workout 100% rather than struggling through.

Practise Mindfulness

How are you really feeling girl? There’s a lot more to health and wellbeing that just the physical side of exercise. We want you to feel amazing on the inside and out, and hope that #KICFIT encourages you to check in with your mental health. This June, why not make an effort to practise mindfulness and gain a deeper understanding of your daily thoughts and feelings? Are you feeling stressed or sad? Why is that? Is there anything you can change in your life that will make you feel better? Try writing down three thoughts each morning in a journal or notepad and notice how your mood changes throughout the month.

Smile More!

OK this might sound silly but our last tip is simply to smile more! Take a deep breath, let go of the things that are weighing you down and let out a big smile! We promise you’ll feel better. This challenge is supposed to be fun. Don’t take things too seriously and don’t stress if you miss a workout. You’re doing your best gorgeous!

If you’re not already taking part in #KICFIT, sign up here.


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