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Relationship Green Flags

We’re always hearing about the ‘red flags’ in relationships and dating. Their friends don’t know about you! They’re rushing the relationship! They describe all of their exes as ‘crazy’! They’re lazy/incompetent/have lacklustre personal hygiene!
But… pause.

Iffy shower habits are a problem, but can we try talking about the ‘green flags’ for a quick sec? We’re so hellbent on pointing out what might be wrong in relationships that we forget to discuss the good stuff; the stuff that indicates you’re in a loving, committed, lasting relationship with a person who values you.

So lovely ladies, let’s do that. It doesn’t matter if you’re dating a man, or a woman – here’s the stuff that shows you’re on the right track.

They show you that you’re important with how they spend their time

We’ve all been with people who have put us down the bottom of the list. You know, the ones who seem to have abundant time to spend with ’the boys’, but struggle to fit you into their suddenly busy schedule. If someone tells you they “don’t have time for a relationship right now” it’s… kind of a lie. A relationship isn’t a job or strenuous commitment – it’s a beautiful source of love and support, and your partner should see it that way! Don’t settle for anything less. How lovely is it when your partner makes you their priority, and shows you how important you are with their time? The. Best.

They make you feel like you’re enough

They make you feel like you never, ever need to change – that you are utterly loveable JUST AS YOU ARE.
(And you are, by the way. We mean that.)

They have things that make them happy, independent of you

Despite what some magazines or rom-coms might try to tell you, it’s so important that your significant other has hobbies and interests that fulfil them outside of your relationship. You know that age-old saying that “you have to be happy in yourself before you can be happy with someone else”? That’s TRUE. If you have a partner with a hobby that doesn’t wholly depend on you – say, they love a particular sport, listening to podcasts, painting, or going to the gym – that’s awesome.
Is there something that puts a smile on your dial, too? Amazing. Make sure you keep it up! We personally think our hobby is the best – Keep It Cleaner 😉

They are kind and compassionate

This one is so simple. How does your partner treat the people around them? How do they speak about their mum, their sister, their nan? How do they talk about their mates when they’re not around?
If your answers are ‘with kindness’, hold onto them.

They share their fries with you

Um… this is just… extremely important.

They get excited to see you

You might have been together for months, even years, but if your partner still greets you with a big smile on their face and arms open wide, that’s pretty great. The bubbly anticipation of seeing the person you love, or are interested in, is a sure-fire way to tell if the relationship is healthy. Even in the dark times, seeing the person you’re dating should be a source of happiness.

They celebrate your achievements

Hell YEAH. You want a partner who will cheer you on when you succeed – who will take you out to dinner to celebrate a killer exam score, or a promotion. Nobody wants a jealous partner in that situation, so if your boyfriend responds to your success with positivity, you’re onto a good thing.

They talk to you when something’s bothering them

Everyone from your mum to your bestie has probably harped on about this, but communication is likely the most important aspect of any romantic relationship. If you and the person you’re dating can have candid conversations with each other – and work through your difficulties without immediately becoming angry or defensive – then that’s probably the best sign you’re on the right track.


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