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Our Team’s Top Motivation Tips!

We’ve got some pretty special people in our team! So who better to ask for a little motivation inspiration? From finding the time to exercise to sticking to a healthy eating routine, here are the tips and tricks our awesome team use to stay motivated and KIC their goals.

Steph, Co-Founder

Leave your workout gear and runners by your bed the night before so they’re the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning. This will help motivate you as it will remind you of your intentions the night before, and that they were to workout, and you’re holding yourself accountable to do just that!

Laura, Co-Founder

Don’t expect to be motivated every time. The motivation will come when you get started. I find I never regret doing a workout after I’ve finished so I just go for it without overthinking too much.

Natalie, Senior Content Manager

I’m a total stress snacker! So I NEED to meal prep and bring healthy snacks into the office. Every Sunday, I make sure to bake a healthy treat I can enjoy all week, or I’ll create my own trail mix of fruit, nuts and seeds. Also when cooking dinners, I usually double the recipe so I have extra portions to take for lunch the next day. I find this such a great time-saver rather than making lunches each morning, or being tempted to buy lunch where it’s more difficult to control what goes into your meal.

Bailey, KIC Angel

My tip is be happy with what you have while working for what you want. 🙂

George, Supply Chain Manager

I live by the work hard, play hard philosophy. When I work hard to achieve my goals, that means I can enjoy my down time guilt-free. For example, when I put in maximum effort all week at work, I know I can enjoy my weekends and holidays with zero guilt and stress and really relax.

Jim, Managing Partner, Grocery

I’m a real goal setter. It helps me to set short, medium and long term goals. So for example, each Monday, I decide how many workouts I want to get in each week, and I have to stick to that. It’s the same with my job. I like to sit down several times a year and really think about what I’m hoping to achieve. Defining your goals is the first step to achieving them!

Catt, Senior Marketing Manager

I get my workouts in first thing in the morning and get everything ready for work the night before. That way, all I need to do is set an alarm, roll out of bed and head to the gym – no time for excuses or second-guessing myself! I find I have so much more energy and motivation when I start my day with some exercise.

Theresa, Videographer

I live by the motto “something is better than nothing”. I make an effort to celebrate what I have achieved, rather than feel guilty about what I haven’t. So even if I just do a 10 minute walk around the block at lunch, I’ll focus on being positive about that rather than beating myself up for not doing more.

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