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Our Team’s Fave Recipes

We have literally hundreds of delicious recipes on the Keep it Cleaner program and we test every single one of them to ensure each is delicious, as well as nutritious and affordable! But of course, we all have our favourites! That’s why we wanted to share our team’s top go-tos. These are the snacks and dishes that we always end up going back to! We hope you love them too.

Laura, Founder / Chief Burpee Officer
It’s so hard to pick but I would have to say my fave is our Radical Rocky Road! I find it the perfect treat to have ready for when I’ve got friends over. Everyone loves it and it’s super quick and easy to make.

Steph, Founder / Cookie Maker in Chief
How do I choose just one!? It really depends on my mood, but I will have to say our famous Choc Chip Cookies! Literally everyone who tries these loves them – and can’t believe they’re healthy! I always make a batch when I have friends over.

George – Supply Chain Manager / Head of Snacks
Despite my nickname, ‘Snacks’, my all time favourite is actually a brekkie –  the Cacao & Banana Overnight Oats! Nothing gets me out of bed quicker! It’s the perfect match to my busy life and easy on the run!

Bailey – Customer Relations Manager / KIC Angel
I LOVE the Turmeric Red Curry because it’s full of flavour, has loads of veggies and it’s the perfect meal to have over and over again and never get bored. 🙂 I always make extra and take it for lunch the next day.

Patrick – Sales Director / Head of Fun 
The Choc, Banana Muffins have to be my fave. They’re so yummy and are a great, healthy, on-the-go treat. When I have time, I make a batch on Sunday so I have a healthy snack for the office.

Natalie – Senior Content Manager / Head of Office Doggos
It’s so hard to choose just one! As a veggie, I have a real soft spot for all the amazing veggie recipes on the program – like the Chickpea and Feta Burgers – because I make them for my meat eating friends and they’re still a hit! However, I do have to say the Marvellous Muesli Bar is my fave as I make it pretty much every week and never get sick of eating it.

Catt – Senior Marketing Manager / Head of Research – Online Shopping Division
I’d have to say the Ahi Poke Bowl. Without a doubt my favourite dish on the program. As a great lunch or dinner option, this dish is full of flavour and super easy to make!

Tom – KIC Grocery CEO / Chief Trouble Maker
I do have to admit, I’m not much of a cook but when I want to make a tasty (and easy!) feed for my wife and I, I always fall back on the Super Sausage Rolls! They’re so good, I can’t believe they’re healthy! And if I can make them without stuffing up, anyone can!

We hope these recipes inspire you to get in the kitchen and try something new!

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