Our May #KICFIT Challenge — Keep It Cleaner

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Keep It Cleaner

Our May #KICFIT Challenge

We know that lots of you like setting yourselves a challenge each month. It’s a great way to set yourself a goal and stay accountable. So here’s our May challenge calendar! Download it and print it out, or save it to your phone to update each day and share on Insta Stories!

Remember, the goal here is to move your body and eat healthy every single day. That doesn’t mean you have to smash a workout every single day. It just means you have to move your body in any way possible. So perhaps on your rest days you have a good 20 minute stretching session, or you cycle to work! Listen to your body and do what works for you.

Download a pdf version here

Please note that this link will not work on the app, so please visit our website to download.

We’d love to see your progress this month! Be sure to share pics in our Private Facebook Community or on Insta with #KICFIT. Tag us @keepitcleaner!

Keep It Cleaner
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Keep It Cleaner
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