Our March Challenge — Keep It Cleaner

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Keep It Cleaner

Our March Challenge

We’ve been blown away by our Feb #KICFIT challenge! Thousands of you from across the world have shared your progress as you’ve challenged yourselves to move your body every singe day. It’s been the biggest pleasure to see the smiles on your faces as you pushed yourselves to get it done. You should all be very proud!

We didn’t plan to create a March challenge but after seeing your overwhelming response, we decided we just had to! There’s no prize this time. The only thing keeping you accountable is… you (and each other!). So why not see if we can smash this one too.

If you didn’t take part in our Feb challenge, this is what it’s all about…

Print off or save a digital copy of our challenge calendar and tick off some type of movement every day in March. Of course, it’s still important to take a couple of rest days too! On these days, we encourage you to take a gentle walk, do some stretching or even do a yoga sesh. The important thing is to move your body in some way each day for a month.

This challenge isn’t about our measurements or the number on the scales; it’s about feeling strong, powerful and happy!

So what are you waiting for? Join us and make a promise to YOURSELF to feel amazing this month!

Get your downloadable here.

Not already a KIC girl? Sign up here: https://keepitcleaner.com.au/signup/


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