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Our Maldives Blog!

Earlier in the year we took some time for ourselves and flew to the Maldives with the boys! We stayed at Soneva Fushi and it was even more beautiful in person than it was in pictures. I had been to the Maldives before with Josh but I knew Laura hadn’t, so I surprised her for her birthday and told her about the trip! Laura loves being busy, and sometimes she can struggle to completely switch off from work, so what better way to switch off than to be on a secluded islands together with the only plans being ‘which restaurant should we eat at tonight!?’

Speaking of restaurants the food there was incredible. We loved that even with the buffet there were local fresh fruit and veggies, so so much to choose from and everything was delicious. I can’t mention food and not mention the dessert rooms that are available at all hours on the island either… there was a cheese room and a chocolate and ice cream room! We treated ourselves everyday, and absolutely loved it and loved that were both in a place now where we can do that and not feel guilty at all. I think we both went through times where we wouldn’t have even thought about walking into those rooms, or if we did we would have regretted it. But holidays are for doing things you love, switching off and stressing less, and that’s what we did!

We stayed very active of course, whether it was a jog around the island, hours of snorkeling, tennis with the boys or a visit to the gym (which was a good gym!! Gotta love when the hotel gym is good haha) staying active on holidays isn’t difficult when you’re in routine and genuinely love it. The Maldives is quite a mission to get to from Aus, and is definitely on the pricey side, so it’s more of a ‘once in a lifetime’ special trip… but if you’ve been thinking about going there or have been looking for recommendations – Soneva Fushi is incredible. I thought I’d finish off this blog with some quick travel tips to keep you in your healthy routine next time you travel!

Pack healthy travel snacks for the plane! Popcorn, nuts, fruit, veggies etc. Plane food is not going to set you back though, so please don’t feel like you can’t have it. I just personally dodge it as it doesn’t always sit well in my stomach but that’s not to say I never have it!

Get your steps up at the airport. Remember when you’re traveling far distances you’re sitting down for a lot longer than you usually would, so before you board, walk around as much as you can and use the stairs instead of the escalators.

Continuing on from that last point, when you land at your destination, try and stay active that day! Not only will it help you stay awake and keep your mind off being jet-lagged, but you’ll feel better for moving around after sitting for so long. This can be as simple as walking around the town you’ve arrived in!

Make sure you pack your runners and activewear – when you spot them in your bag it will remind you that you’ve packed with the intention to stay active.

This is the most important one so listen up… CHILLAX AND STRESS LESS! Remember that you may not eat as healthy as you would at home, you may not keep up with the same exercise regime BUT that’s totally okay because happiness is one of the biggest factors to your health – and if it makes you happy having some time off then do it! My routine definitely isn’t on par with how I am at home but I like to still keep a little active and eat okay so that when I do get home it’s not as hard to get back into the flow of things.

If you want to learn more about Soneva Fushi I’ve put their website and Instagram below!


@discoversoneva #sonevafushi

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