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Our Favourite Healthy Food Swaps

We’re all about living a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. This means, that we too enjoy the occasional pizza, pasta or even chocolate. Although we tend to enjoy these in moderation, we don’t want to completely remove them from our diet, which is why we’re sharing with you our favourite food swaps, so you can enjoy your favourite meals and receive all the nutritional benefits from them too!


1. Pasta 

Who doesn’t like pasta? (If you don’t, are you even human?) Pasta is one of our all-time favourite dishes which we can’t live without! Instead of pasta, we love using zucchini noodles or mixing zucchini with pasta. You can purchase our Keep It Cleaner 1 ingredient pasta here: Keep It Cleaner pasta– If you’re viewing this on our app, you can visit the Coles website to find our pasta and pasta sauces.


2. Flour

We love swapping regular flour for almond meal or a mix of almond meal and flour for nutritional benefits.

3. Refined sugar 

Gimme all the (natural) sugar! Sugar is great, in moderation. Swap from white or brown sugar to dates, ripe bananas or rice malt syrup for sweetness.

4. Lasagne Sheet

Lasagne, we love you. Try swapping traditional sheets for eggplant, or zucchini or a mix of your preferred veggie and pasta sheet. If you’re yet to try our ‘Lovely and Lean Lasagne’ what have you been doing? This bad boy is an absolute game changer!

5. Milk Chocolate

Chocolate is essential in our household. We’re massive chocaholics and can’t live without it. Whilst we often have the occasional milk chocolate block in our pantries, we typically reach for dark chocolate, 70% or above.

6. Cheese on pasta or in sauces.

If anyone knows Steph, you will know that she couldn’t live without cheese (and chocolate). So, when it comes to cheese, whilst we don’t always steer away from it, the times when we want to make a swap, we will use nutritional yeast which is the perfect substitute.

7. Soft Drink.

Nothing like a fizzy drink on a hot summer day, are we right? KIC has got you covered here because we have our very own Sugar free sodas and they’re amazing!

Available at Coles supermarkets 

8. Ice cream.

I scream you scream we all scream for ICE CREAM! For anyone who has FOMO when it comes to ice cream, this is the perfect option for anyone who wants to whip up a quick and healthy alternative. Say hello to Nice Cream. Nice Cream can be made from any of your favourite frozen fruits. Simply blend the fruit with a dash of milk or water and BAM, Nice Cream. Sweet, creamy, delicious and nutritious! Here is our recipe you can try for yourself: Creamy Choc Nice Cream 



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