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Marika’s Top Tips To Stay Active This KICmas

Keep Active 

Keeping active during the silly season not only keeps you fit, strong and healthy but will provide you with mental benefits too. Keeping active during the holidays might be doing a KIC workout in the hotel room or it could be as simple as going for a walk in the morning. Remember every bit of movement counts. Just because you might not have access to your full gym over the holidays doesn’t mean you have to stop moving your body entirely. 


Top Tip: Going for hikes with the family, canoeing or paddleboarding, skiing or snowboarding. There are so many ways to stay active! 


Ditch the all or nothing mindset

For many the downfall at Christmas is the ‘well if i can’t be perfect with my eating or exercise, then why try at all’. This mindset often leads to binging, overeating and guilt. Rather than see nutrition and exercise as all or nothing, embrace the fact that your diet or your exercise might look a little different over the holidays. Don’t focus on being perfect, focus on being balanced, whatever that looks like to you. 


Top Tip: If you find yourself in the all or nothing mindset think about the analogy of dropping your phone. If you accidentally drop your phone and get a little crack in it, you wouldn’t throw it back down and smash it further. Your diet is the same, if you overindulge a little more than you feel comfortable with, then simply pick yourself up and move on. There is no such thing as a failure.


Eat mindfully

At Christmas time there is nearly always an abundance of food available and it can be easy to constantly graze on the choccies on the table or the extra packets of crisps lying around. By bringing mindfulness to our eating it helps us to not only make choices which make us feel good but helps us to enjoy the food more too. 


Top Tip: Check in with yourself before you eat. How hungry are you? If you’re not hungry and find you are just eating because the food is there, kindly remind yourself you can put aside some of that food and have it a bit later when you actually feel hungry.


Set Realistic Goals

For some of us Christmas time can bring on food anxiety and a fear of losing control around food. It is important that you be kind to yourself and set realistic goals about eating at christmas time. Christmas is not the time to be harsh on yourself, or set weight loss goals, remember that Christmas is a time for family, friends, connections and love. All of which are more important than being restrictive or dieting. 


Top Tip: Manage your expectations. Set realistic goals like getting in plenty of veggies or going for a walk each day rather than extreme or restrictive goals over the holiday period. 


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