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Lazy Guide To Healthy Food Hacks


Ever want a night off? Same here! If you’re not in the mood to cook, here are our quick tips to help you stay on track.

1. Freeze fruit
This is one of the best kept secrets ever. Frozen fruits such as grapes, pineapple, mango and blueberries are perfect for when you’re craving something sweet. 


Steph’s tip: Add frozen fruit to Greek yoghurt for a refreshing and yummy desert. Trust me, it’s a winner!


2. Put the Kettle on
If you’re thinking of reaching for something unhealthy or wondering if you need that extra row of chocolate, make a cup of herbal tea instead. Wait 15-20 minutes and if you’re still hungry, you can have a KIC-approved snack. 


Laura’s tip: Keep a pot of herbal tea on your desk at work. Then you can sip away all day to curb any cravings.


3. Icy cold treats.  

If you batch cook a snack like a brownie, cut it into individual serving and freeze. Defrost a piece at a time to stop you eating the whole lot. You can also freeze raw Bliss Balls – they’ll be harder and will take you longer to eat!  


Steph’s tip: If you’re having the girls over for a movie night, these are a must. Make a batch and you’ll be everyone’s BFF.  

Vanilla protein balls 


4. Stock up the fridge.

Always keep some fruit, veg and protein in the fridge. Salads only take a few minutes to prep and some veggies you can even eat raw such, as broccoli, carrot and cucumbers. Make a big batch of salad dressing too. This way even the simplest salad can come to life with flavour and zest.


Laura’s tip: Don’t be afraid of frozen veggies. Keep a bag in the freezer for emergencies.  

5. Crack some eggs

Eggs are filling, versatile and are packed with protein and vitamins. They’re also one of the quickest things you can cook. Within minutes you can poach, boil or scramble eggs – add a little cracked pepper, avocado and voila! Dinner is served.

Steph’s tip: For poached eggs, cheat and buy the poches from the supermarket. You’ll have café style eggs in minutes.  


 6. Blend a smoothie

We assume by now you know we love smoothies. But when your energy levels are at an all-time low, you can fuel your body with something delicious and healthy in minutes. Always keep some rolled oats, or gluten free flakes and chia seeds in the pantry too – they’ll help make your smoothies extra filling! Check out all of our smoothie recipes here.

Laura’s tip: Mix things up and make veg smoothie too. Carrot, beetroot and Kale are my faves 

7. Prep some meals

You don’t need to prep seven days’ worth of meals each week, but you can prepare some emergency dinners for those rainy nights. We recommend freezing soup or even pastas. So, if you’re ever feeling lazy there’s always something yummy ready to go in the freezer.

Steph’s tip: If you’re bored of your own meals, team up with a friend and have a lunch roster. Prehards Monday and Tuesday you make lunch and Wednesday and Thursday your bestie does.

Try our Thai Chicken Zoodle Bowl 

Love Steph and Laura xx

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