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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Workout At Home

Let’s face it, getting into the rhythm of working out can be hard, let alone working out at home! The good news is, if you’re committed to start working out for the first time, or want to start at home instead of a gym, Keep It Cleaner is here to help! We know a new workout routine can be daunting, but we’ve got your back.

Today, we want to run you through our tips and tricks of making the most out of your at-home workouts with KIC!

Keep It Cleaner was designed as an all-in-one app which offers a variety of different workout styles including HIIT, Strength, Boxing, Yoga, Pilates and Running. We also offer weekly meal plans, hundreds of delicious recipes, a run tracker, HIIT timer, meditations and so much more!

All our workouts are designed to be done in the comfort of your own home, because who doesn’t love the convenience of waking up and not having the drive to the gym?

1. Equipment

Our workouts include little to no equipment. To KIC it at home, we suggest you have the following (although you can always work out with no equipment and substitute it with other exercises!)

  • Dumb Bells. We suggest having 2-3 sets of dumbbells. Anywhere from 2-10kg is perfect.
  • Kettlebell.  A 10-20kg kettlebell is a great piece of equipment to have!
  •  A Medicine ball. 3 -5 kg.
  • Skipping rope
  • Mat

When it comes to equipment make sure you choose a weight which is suited to you and your level of fitness. We want you to feel challenged, but also give yourself room to build on your strength. We wouldn’t expect you to be swinging a 20kg Kettlebell if you’re a newbie to KIC! Take it easy with a weight you’re comfortable with, which won’t result in injury, but still allow you to break a sweat.

Now, we know not everyone has access to equipment, or simply wishes to use none and that is okay! Here are some substitutes you can do for exercises which include equipment.

Kettlebell Swings –  Hip Thrusts or Squats
Box Jumps – Max effort Squat Jumps or Tuck Jumps
Step-ups – Use a couch, coffee table, staircase or do a Backwards Lunge with knee raise
Sumo Deadlift – Heavy bag, or bodyweight Sumo Squat
Skipping – Air Skipping or High Knees.
Dumb bell arm exercises –  Use cans of food, drink bottles/anything you can hold in each hand

2. Create a space in your home

Working out at home has its pros and cons. Pros include the convenience of not having to drive anywhere and the fact you’re not spending $500-$1000 a year on a gym membership. WINNING! But it can also have its cons if you’re someone who isn’t easily motivated. This is why we suggest creating a space in your house which you do your workouts in. That way, when you get to that space or room, you know that it’s time to workout. This space could be your living room, office, garage or even an area outside on a nice day. Keep all your equipment in this space so when it comes to working out, you’re ready to go!

3. Keep yourself accountable

Okay, so now that you have your space ready and you’ve purchased some equipment, how will you keep yourself accountable? One of our favourite things about Keep It Cleaner is our amazing Facebook community. If you’re ever feeling unmotivated to workout, simply head to our community page and see hundreds of other women chatting about all thing’s health and fitness. Our community is one of our favourite ways to encourage us to work out. What is more motivating than hundreds of other people around the world doing the same workout as you?

4. Keep track of your workouts

In addition to all the features Keep It Cleaner has to offer, we also have our KICFIT activity calendar. This calendar will allow you to mark off your workouts each day so you can keep track of your progress and keep motivated! We’re all in this together. Design yourself a KICmoji and track your monthly progress!

We hope the following tips and tricks can help you make the most out of your home workouts! If you’re not a subscriber to Keep It Cleaner and want to give it a go, you can sign up for our 7-day free trial before you purchase any subscription.

Month to Month subscription – $19.50 billed every month. ($0.63 a day)
3 Month subscription – $49.50 billed every three months. ($0.53 a day)
12 Month subscription – $115 billed every 12 months. ($0.32 a day)

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