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How to Keep it Cleaner this Easter!

Easter is the best!! Time with family plus yummy chocolate? Yes please! Of course, it’s all too easy to overindulge (which is totally fine and normal!!). We just want remind our lovely KIC Girls that it really doesn’t matter if you have a cheat day or two. The most important thing is not to feel guilty and bad about yourself afterwards. It’s our everyday healthy habits and routines that make the difference to our health in the long term and one day can’t affect that.

So that spirit, what better time to share our tips for Keeping it Clean during Easter (or any special occasion!)?

Make healthy treats!

If high-sugar snacks don’t leave you feeling great, why not make healthy versions of your faves? Keep it Cleaner has hundreds of healthy and nutritious treats on the program. In fact, we’ve released some brand new Easter inspired recipes for you to try. From clean Hot Cross Buns to tasty Cherry Eggs, there’s treats galore! We’d love to see how you get on, so please share your efforts on social media with #KICEASTER!

Discover our new recipes including…

Hot Cross Buns
Chocolate Mousse
Cherry Eggs
Double Choc Cupcakes
Double Choc Brownies
Top Deck Tart
…and more!!

Try to remove the shame around food!

It’s so so toxic to label food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Creating a healthy relationship with food can sometimes take a very long time, so no matter where you are on your journey, try to remember that food is never inherently ‘bad’ for you. There is just a difference between wholesome food that nourishes your body and overly-processed food that can leave you feeling flat afterwards. So if your family buys you a load of Easter Eggs and you eat them all, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Take a long relaxing walk, cook yourself something healthy for dinner and don’t give it another thought!

Practise Mindful Eating

Mindfulness has been a huge wellness trend over the last few years and it can absolutely help with developing a healthy relationship with food. Next time you eat a snack or meal, first prepare it yourself with love. Then take a moment to truly recognise and appreciate the dish in front of you. Notice how the food you’re eating makes you feel! It’s amazingly easy to go into auto-pilot when eating but studies have shown that slowing down can help you more easily recognise when you are full. But more than that, mindful eating can help us develop love and respect for the food we eat.

Are you actually hungry?

Food is so much more than sustenance! There are all kinds of emotional reasons why you might eat when you’re not hungry. Observe and accept why you are reaching for the snacks. Are you feeling stressed? Run down? Ironically these are the absolute worst times to eat sugary processed foods as our bodies are crying out for proper nourishment. If you’re feeling stressed or tired, why not prioritise other acts of self-care that will actually make you feel better? For example you could make a cup of herbal tea or take a hot bath. Then if you still need some choccy, have some dark chocolate or a healthy sweet treat.

Be Prepared

Often, at special occasions, we reach for the snacks because everyone else is. There’s something so lovely about sitting around a great spread with our loved ones having a good long chat. So rather than avoid situations like this (and be a social outcast in the process), be prepared instead. Bring lots chopped fruit or popcorn for everyone to share. That way you can mindlessly snack and gossip together to your hearts’ content.

Above all else we hope you have fun and take some time to relax this Easter! Enjoy yourselves KIC Girls!

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