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Happy International Yoga Day!

Namaste KIC Girls! Today is International Yoga Day so what better excuse to sneak in a cheeky downward dog or two? We know that for many people, yoga is a little intimidating. All those crazy names and difficult postures… it’s all a bit much.

But there are so many benefits that come from doing yoga. It’s not only great for physical fitness, posture and flexibility, it has great benefits for our mental wellbeing and sense of self. So in the spirit of Yoga Day, we wanted to go back to basics with a super easy workout that will take you through all the basic postures.

This video is half workout, half workshop. So grab your activewear and a mat and follow along with us as we show you all the basics. Karen, our yoga expert, will be taking us through the ins and outs of each move. With these tips and pointers, you’ll be a confident yogi in no time at all.

Watch the video on our YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/sz8weXrI_30On our app? Search Keep it Cleaner Girls on YouTube.

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