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‘Beauty Powders’, Do You Really Need Them?

There is a common trend going on at the moment with a line of products going by the name of ‘beauty powders’. Of course they are all different, some claiming they are for radiant skin, strong hair, strong nails, or all of the above. The question is, are they really needed in order to achieve the results that are claimed? And will they actually make a dramatic difference? As always, everyone is an individual and what may be causing your symptoms will likely be very different to someone else. The similarities between the products is that many seem to be containing foods rich in antioxidants, particular greens, sometimes probiotics, different herbs and sometimes collagen.

Of course, many of the ingredients used are likely beneficial to our health in one way or another, but in my opinion, reaping the benefits through our food is not only possible but much cheaper and much more delicious. I love to have the beneficial foods as part of my meals and snacks predominantly, though if I discover I have a symptom related to lacking in a particular nutrient, I will consider taking it in supplement form for my own personal needs but it is best to discover YOUR own personal needs.

How to incorporate ‘beautifying’ foods into your diet on the daily

Remember, nothing is more beautiful than confidence in your own skin, just as you are. Use these foods to be WELL in all areas, not to just achieve a particular look.


Yes, I feel probiotics are essential to creating overall health, inside and outside! When it comes to beauty, they have certainly shown to be beneficial. Kefir, kimchi, sauerkraut, homemade fermented foods; these are all insanely delicious, booming with live probiotic bacteria. They are beautiful traditional foods that have been enjoyed for thousands of years before we invented a fridge. Add kefir to your smoothie, have kimchi on the sides of your meals, enjoy homemade pickles as a snack!


It is the amino acids in collagen that create its ‘beautifying’ abilities, such as reduce wrinkles and combat skin aging. Collagen is a major component of your skin, hair and nails, and the same amino acids can be found in gelatin and bone broth however bone broth is a much smaller, less concentrated amount. Bone broth is certainly not a new ‘fad’, as it is also a traditional food that has been enjoyed by cultures for thousands of years and still is today, it’s just a lost tradition that is slowly filtrating back into society. Using collagen, gelatin and bone broth interchangeably in your diet is highly recommended, such as homemade jellies, panna cottas, added into hot drinks, smoothies, slices, and broth as the base of soups, curries, casseroles or by the cup!


Antioxidants are incredibly popular in the beauty product world, internally and externally, but particularly in the ‘beauty powder’ world. Antioxidants are molecules that stop oxidation of other molecules, which leads to free radicals and then cell damage. We all could do with a few more antioxidants, always! The antioxidant rich foods you will find in the beauty powders are ones that you can have in your fridge and pantry. Foods such as green tea (Matcha is particularly very high), berries (particularly wild blueberries), cacao, cinnamon, clove, and turmeric are all incredibly rich in antioxidants. Have a Matcha Latte and top with cinnamon, incorporate turmeric in lots of your savoury meals, have berries as a snack topped with cinnamon, make homemade chocolate out of pure cacao, and voila, you’re exposing yourself to lots of powerful antioxidants. And lastly, one important nutrient that is also an antioxidant is vitamin C, which is required for the synthesis of collagen and is great for skin healing. Another reason to eat more berries!


The greens typically found in the blends is wheat grass, barley grass, chlorella or spirulina, and it may be due to their chelating ability and nutrient density. Chelators are substances that have the ability of ridding the body of heavy metals, which I understand because acne and heavy metals including lead and cadmium have been shown to be factors to consider with skin issues. Be careful, though, as many individuals are unaware that they have a wheat or gluten sensitivity and through my experience, even though gluten isn’t in the grass, those with a sensitivity may still react. However I suggest to just aim to have greens with almost every meal and give yourself a variety! All greens are highly beneficial, particularly due to their manganese, selenium and silica content for healthy skin, hair and nails. Focus on vegetables such as broccoli, brussel sprouts, dark leafy greens like silverbeet, spinach, kale, along with herbs like coriander and parsley. And lastly, kelp! Eat vegetables from the sea as they are rich in selenium and iodine.

To be honest, though, lots of nutrients are missing in these products for healthy skin, hair and nails, so one teaspoon a day of something that is still lacking in the goodness won’t cut it. We need essential fatty acids, biotin, iron, vitamin A, vitamin E and more, all for varying reasons in which we can’t cover in depth here! Eat a whole food, balanced diet and aim to personalise your cooking by adding what you feel you need more of.

Sheridan Austin
Consulting Nutritionist

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